Super Salmon Risotto…

Just after Christmas with plenty of food left to be used up in the fridge I made myself a speedy lunch time risotto using leftover smoked salmon! The dish worked really well and was very simple to make! I served it with a handful of fresh peppery rocket!

P1020248 To make this risotto I used the same method I previously used in other risotto recipe (which is frying garlic and onion in a splash of oil, adding the Arborio rice and slowly adding stock or white wine).

In addition I also added, oregano, smoked salmon, frozen peas and broccoli. I finished the risotto with seasoning, a knob of butter to make the risotto creamy and glossy and some grated parmesan to add richness!

The cooked smoked salmon worked really well and although I used vegetable stock you could also use fish stock and add other seafood if you like a stronger flavour!



The Best Breakfast…

Some people are massive breakfast eaters. I’m not one of those people, during the week its a speedy bowl of Cheerios on the way to work or sometimes a slice of toast or a cereal bar but by far the biggest indulgence you can have is a luxury weekend breakfast…these usually happen around 11am preferably when your out shopping with your friends or sitting out in the garden. You’ll find your holidays are often full of these breakfasts and they are heavenly! When it’s time for one of these I have one big favourite, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on a toasted bagels! YUM YUM! Accompanied by a ice cold bucks fizz (that’s champagne and fresh orange juice (no pulp please!)), and without a doubt it is a heavenly combination! Next time its your birthday get your friends round for a slice of mid morning luxury and have a try of this combination, you’ll feel famous for a day hehe

bucks fizzscrambled eggs

Dinner Delight…

Dinner tonight…oven baked smoked haddock with butternut squash mash, parsnip chips and steamed spinach. The haddock was baked in foil with a knob of butter, a squeeze of lemon, pepper and a sprinkle of chives. 10-15 minutes in the oven. Yum!