Super Salmon Risotto…

Just after Christmas with plenty of food left to be used up in the fridge I made myself a speedy lunch time risotto using leftover smoked salmon! The dish worked really well and was very simple to make! I served it with a handful of fresh peppery rocket!

P1020248 To make this risotto I used the same method I previously used in other risotto recipe (which is frying garlic and onion in a splash of oil, adding the Arborio rice and slowly adding stock or white wine).

In addition I also added, oregano, smoked salmon, frozen peas and broccoli. I finished the risotto with seasoning, a knob of butter to make the risotto creamy and glossy and some grated parmesan to add richness!

The cooked smoked salmon worked really well and although I used vegetable stock you could also use fish stock and add other seafood if you like a stronger flavour!