To diet or not to diet, that is the question…

Now I’m sure the word ‘diet’ is the last thing you want to hear from a food blog more used to creating calories than cutting them but I figured this post would be as good as any to get me back blogging. I’ve been away from my blog for a while now as work commitments seemed to take up most of my time but after New Year I vowed to get back on it! Despite my good intentions, I also realised I’d put on a few pounds so baking cupcakes every week probably wasn’t a great idea, there’s only so many carrot cakes I can give away to friends and family! With this in mind I kept cooking but instead of fudge cake it was stir fry and instead of chocolate cookies it was mango, yoghurt and almonds!

I’m not going to lie. It’s nowhere near as fun to eat a rice cake as an actual cake. In fact, it’s worse. Much worse. So I’ve been brightening up my lunches at work with yummy fresh dishes that are filling, don’t taste like cardboard and are hopefully the envy of a few people hovering around the office kitchen! Hehe. With this in mind here are a few snapshots of the things I’ve been making along with a promise to get back blogging but maybe with my usual cake recipes mixed in with a few more savoury ones! (A girl can get sick of buttercream after all!……well, almost!)






Middle Eastern Meal…

As I might have mentioned before I used to live in Oman in the Middle East for most of my life. Now I’m back in the UK I miss my friends from there so much! We now all live at different corners of the UK and it’s hard for us to meet up but this weekend we are doing just that and I’m planning on cooking a middle eastern feast for us all! I had a search on the internet for some inspirational ideas. This is what I came up with but I will be sure to share pictures of the food I actually make with you next week!

middle 1 middle 2 middle 3 middle 4 middle 5 middle 6 middle 7 middle 8

Birthday Cake! Another attempt…

Recently it was my friends 21st birthday and not knowing what to get I decided to bake a cake! I’m not brilliant at decorating celebration cakes but I am trying to improve! To make this recipe I used my Ultimate Chocolate Cake recipe.

image[1] (2)  

The fudge icing for this recipe contains butter and when warm it is quite pliable. The butter can slightly separate from the icing but this allows you to spread the icing smoothly without a knife sticking to the top! This is how I achieved the smooth finish on the top of the cake! As I put the fudge icing in the centre of the cake as well I didn’t have enough to cover the sides so I whipped up a batch of chocolate buttercream (butter, icing sugar, cocoa powder) and using a large star nozzle, piped individual stars all over the exterior of the cake. I then used writing icing to pipe the ‘21’ onto the cake and decorated the cake with Dr Oetker chocolate stars which I think look quite effective! I know the cake isn’t a show stopper but I can only realistically use more simple techniques to decorate until I improve my skills! If anyone else has any simple techniques for decorating cakes please let me know!

image (2)image[2] (2)

Time for Tea…

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I posted! I’ve been a little busy with a lot on my plate! On the plus side I’m off to Spain in two weeks so expect lots of photos of Tapas 🙂 Last week it was my Grandma’s 86th birthday and we had a surprise tea party for her so I thought I’d share a few pictures of it with you! Some things were bought some were home made but I’m most proud of the lemon drizzle celebration cake I made for her birthday! I hope you like it!

 tea2 tea 3tea 1

Easter Bakes…

I love the colours of Easter, soft purple, sunshine yellow, bright green, they all look fabulous together! I’m planning on posting my first ever attempt at cake pops (Easter themed obviously!) next week so keep your eyes peeled! As Easter is just around the corner, here is a selection of my favourite Easter Bakes from around the web!

 easter 2 easter 3easter 6easter1 easter 4   easter 7 easter 5140002210 easter 8

Valentines Countdown…!

With the dreaded V-Day just around the corner here are a few of my favourite baking and foodie ideas to get you started for a Valentines feast! If in doubt add red food colouring and cover it in glitter, its always a winner 😉

valentines 1 valentines 2 valentines 4valentines 3  valentines 5 valentines 6 valentines 7 valentines 8

Decorating Ideas of the Cake Variety…

When I’m about to cook something I usually have a browse on the internet for presentation ideas. I often find I can easily follow a recipe but when it comes to plating up or decorating my food sometimes I run out of inspiration. That’s why its often good to have a clear vision in mind before you start! When it comes to baking a quick Google images search brings up great pictures! That’s where I found the inspiration for my Eton Mess Cupcake decoration. Here’s a couple of others I wanted to share with you!

cupcake toppingcupcake topping 2