Blackberry and Lemon Cupcakes!

I tried to make these cupcakes this week and I had a bit of a fail with the topping! I’m going to try it again soon but here’s a picture of my first attempt! For some reason I couldn’t get the topping to thicken! If anyone has a recipe for an amazing flavoured frosting please let me know!

 P1030267 P1030268


Blueberry Muffin…Success!

After my horrendous blueberry muffin fail a few weeks ago I’ve been really trying to improve my muffin making skills! I found a whole ream of recipes on the internet and I looked through all of them comparing and contrasting techniques to try to find the optimum recipe. This recipe I found really does work but the muffins are quite sweet and more of a sponge cake type texture. I’m still chasing a recipe that will give me Starbucks style amazing muffins but I’m yet to find it! I will keep trying though and if I find a better one I’ll be sharing it!


The bets part of this recipe has to be the crumble or streusel topping! Made similar to a traditional crumble the topping is sprinkled over the cake mix and becomes crunchy and crispy on the surface of the muffins!

If you would like to give these muffins a try here is the link to the recipe! I would just like to add that this recipe makes 6-9 muffins depending on the sizes of your muffin tins! Mine are more of a cupcake size so it made 8 muffins. If you have very large tins you will probably only make 6!

P1030160  P1030162  P1030164 P1030165

The texture of the recipe is very thin and almost batter like. Don’t be concerned this is how the mixture should be!

To create the crumble topping I halved the mixture on the recipe as many people had mentioned it makes too much mix! I agree as even half was still too much!

To speed this up you could make the crumble topping in a food processor. This cuts the butter with the sugar and the flour a lot faster than using a fork or your fingers. You’re looking for a texture similar to sand or gravel. Then sprinkle this over the filled cake cases.

P1030166 P1030167

While the texture and flavour of these muffins is great I still don’t feel that I’ve found the ultimate recipe. I know everyone’s tastes are different but for me I prefer a more dry muffin that is slightly less sweet. I would also like the topping to be more crisp and crunchy! I’m going to try and tweak this recipe and read a few more to really find an ultimate muffin recipe which I’m hoping I will post soon. I know I sound a bit muffin obsessed but I’m really enjoying making them and I hope I can find one that really works! If anyone has any great muffin tips please let me know I’d really appreciate it!

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Blueberry Muffin Fail!

It’s not too often thank god that I post about disastrous recipes but unfortunately this is one of them! Having never made muffins before I tried this week to combine Delia Smith’s basic blueberry muffin recipe with some hints of lemon that I took from the Hairy Bikers muffin recipe. The result was horrendous! The recipe uses a method where you add the dry ingredients to the wet and mix with minimal stirring. Apparently this keeps the muffins light!


I added lemon zest to the mix and a blob of lemon curd to the top as mentioned in the Hairy Bikers recipe. Instead of sinking to the middle as mentioned in their recipe it simply sunk the muffins in the centre! To top it all off the mix was very savoury and not sweet enough for my liking! I read and re-read the recipe and I had the quantities correct but things obviously just didn’t go my way! As I didn’t like the flavour either I decided next time I’ll be trying another recipe!If anyone has any hints, tips or recommended recipes for blueberry muffins I would really appreciate it!

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Blueberry Ombre Cake…

I can safely say I think this needs to be my next baking mission! It looks divine! Blueberry Ombre cake! I know they seem tricky but when I try it I’ll hopefully post a fool proof recipe!

blueberry 1blueberry 2