Blueberry Muffin Fail!

It’s not too often thank god that I post about disastrous recipes but unfortunately this is one of them! Having never made muffins before I tried this week to combine Delia Smith’s basic blueberry muffin recipe with some hints of lemon that I took from the Hairy Bikers muffin recipe. The result was horrendous! The recipe uses a method where you add the dry ingredients to the wet and mix with minimal stirring. Apparently this keeps the muffins light!


I added lemon zest to the mix and a blob of lemon curd to the top as mentioned in the Hairy Bikers recipe. Instead of sinking to the middle as mentioned in their recipe it simply sunk the muffins in the centre! To top it all off the mix was very savoury and not sweet enough for my liking! I read and re-read the recipe and I had the quantities correct but things obviously just didn’t go my way! As I didn’t like the flavour either I decided next time I’ll be trying another recipe!If anyone has any hints, tips or recommended recipes for blueberry muffins I would really appreciate it!

 P1030154 P1030156 P1030159


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