The Summer Update!

Hello everyone! Sorry it has been ages since I last posted but the past two months have been a little manic! I figured I would share with you a little of what I have been up to and also all the delicious food images I’ve taken over the past few weeks!

I kicked off my summer with a holiday in Spain with three of my best friends as a pre wedding celebration for my friend Amy who was getting married! We had an amazing time and there are lots of pictures of fabulous food to show you!

P1020469 P1020474

We indulged in a little too much ice cream while we were there but when it looks that good it is hard not to! We also had the most amazing paella on the beach which they only serve on Sundays but it was worth the trip because it was delicious and sooooo flavoursome! Just a little snap below to show you where we were staying!


So on my return from Spain I started back at work on the Monday with a trip to London only to find out I’d been offered a job I’d applied for working as an interior designer for a large restaurant chain. I was over the moon it couldn’t be a more perfect job for me! So, after handing my notice in I took myself off for a few days travelling in Barcelona and Paris. After the stress of searching for a new job for so long it was great to have a little time for myself. I saw so many great places I have never been before and also had some AMAZING food! Here’s a few pictures…

 P1020680 P1020720  P1020722

These pictures are from a great bar in Barcelona! This is Pinchos or Pintxo. Literally translating as ‘spike’ this is a regional version of tapas where the food is served in a buffet style where you simply pick up a plate and help yourself. The waiter then comes to the table to count the number of sticks you have. Considering each ‘stick’ was 1 euro 60 you could easily eat a very filling meal for under £5. It was amazing. If you are visiting Barcelona let me know and I will post the address of the bar!

image image[1]

Next up I travelled to Paris where I tried some amazing baked goods and the traditional crepes! I have to say though I was a little disappointed with the food in Paris. While I know it is very expensive to eat in any capital city, the cheaper places in Paris were very poor quality and it seemed there were very few bargains to be had! It was also gorgeous weather which meant eating outside had you surrounded by about 50 Parisians puffing on cigarettes which was a little off putting when you’re eating. The sightseeing was amazing but it perhaps wasn’t the most gastronomically place I’ve visited!


Despite the restaurants not being great, the bakeries were amazing and I ate enough croissants and madeline to last a lifetime!

Well again I’m sorry for the break in posts but I hope this accounts for some of it! I was also away two weeks ago being bridesmaid for my friend’s gorgeous wedding in Bristol which was amazing and busy starting my new job but now I’ve fallen into more of a routine I’m hoping I can post more so keep your eyes peeled as I’m starting to get back in the swing of things now!


Rebecca x


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