Christmas Recap!

Over the Christmas season I did quite a bit of baking as gifts but I was also given quite a few baking gifts on Christmas day! Just to give you guys a quick insight here are a few images! I baked both gingerbread men and chocolate chip cookies as gifts for friends and family! You can see my gingerbread men below! To wrap them I bought a series of cellophane bags from eBay for about £2.00 for ten. They made it really easy to wrap when tied with a tag and a little ribbon!


In terms of Christmas gifts I got a gorgeous cake stand and a really cool (but as of yet not tested) jam making kit! I also got Jamie Oliver’s new 15 minute meals cookbook so expect a few tried and tested recipes from that! I’ve not used the jam kit yet and I’ve never made jam before so if anyone has any good recipes let me know! I’ll give it a whirl! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and here’s to a great New Year!

 P1020258 P1020257


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