Fabulous Food Festival…

This weekend I went on a bit of a food outing with one of my friends! We headed up to a food festival in Clitheroe, a countryside town in the Ribble Valley. At the festival they had stalls from local suppliers and producers showcasing beers, meats, cakes, cheese and more! They also had cookery demonstrations and plenty of things to taste and try! Here’s a few of my photos!


P1010603First up was a pork pie stall and having not had breakfast my friend an I decided we’d have one each. That was a mistake as we were stuffed full for the rest of the day but they were delicious! My friend had a pork pie with apple sauce topping while mine had caramelised onions and local cheese on top. They were delicious, if a little on the large side!


The local brewery, Thwaites’s was also there with plenty of beer and cider to sample. The traditional Dray previously used to carry beer was there too being pulled by two enormous Shire horses there was also a hog roast, bbq, pulled pork sandwiches, ice cream, chocolate pudding, jam and chutney all to try!


After eating ourselves silly we hit the local wine shop. Which is brilliant! Rammed to the rafters with speciality wines and champagnes there is so much to chose from! We bought a few too many bits and by the afternoon our arms were aching with bags so we had a relax on the grass listening to some live music and munching on an ice cream!


Shopping wise I did quite well buying some rhubarb and ginger jam, hot plum chutney, creamy Lancashire cheese, chocolate mint thins and homemade sausages! I’ve already tucked into the jam and had some on toast fro breakfast! It was delicious! Thank god this isn’t on every weekend though because it wouldn’t do my waistline any favours!


3 Comments on “Fabulous Food Festival…”

  1. bakearama says:

    I wouldn’t normally eat pork pie but that looks amazing!

  2. sybaritica says:

    What a lovely festival. Those pork pies really look terrific!

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