Chai-tastic tastes…

I’ve recently discovered my love of Chai Tea. After my friend recommended I try a Starbucks Chai Tea Latte I was hooked! Chai tea is sometimes known as Masala Chai and basically translates to mixed spice tea. Originating in India, it contains spices such as cinnamon, ginger and peppercorns and due to these spices is said to have additional health benefits. The best way I can describe it is a bit like Christmas in a mug! I really enjoy it so I thought I’d share two of my favourite products!


Twining’s Chai Tea Teabags

The first product are traditional style tea bags. Costing about £2.50 for 50 teabags I bought mine from Sainsbury’s. The tea bags brew a very strong tasting but very light coloured tea. It can be drunk without milk and is quite sweet so can easily be sweetened using honey or just a pinch of sugar. If it is drunk with milk a latte style drink can be made by heating half a mug of milk and having a half milk half water based tea. Full of flavour and great value I’s rate it 8/10!

Drink Me Vanilla Chai Latte PowderP1010499

I stumbled across this second product in Waitrose and priced at £1.99 I think its really good value. This is basically similar to an instant cappuccino and comes with sweetener and milk powder mixed in. It can be drunk by just adding water so would be handy if you were on the go but can be made richer by again using half milk half water. One beauty of this product is that it can be mixed with cold milk and ice in a blender to create an iced latte. This one is vanilla flavour so is a softer sweeter taste compared to the Twining’s tea bags but they do also make a spiced version of the same product. Another bonus is that it is almost entirely caffeine free so works great as an evening drink! I love this products especially as an iced latter so I’s rate it 9/10!


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