Petal Icing…

I’ve seen this icing effect on plenty of cakes recently and I’m intending to try it on the next large cake I bake. I wasn’t sure how it was done so I had a look on the internet for methods and found a great explanation on My Cake School. The final effect is similar to the image below and it looks very impressive despite being quite easy to do! It’s a great option for those who don’t have amazing piping bag skills but still want a detailed finish on their cake.

petal icing


These images give a great idea of how the effect works!

Step 1 Using a large round piping nozzle pipe a row of buttercream or frosting dots from the top of the cake to the bottom. These dots need to be quite substantial and evenly placed.

Step 2 Using a palette knife or a spatula spread the dots to the right.

Step 3 Repeat the row of dots on the right, slightly overlapping the last row and again spread to the right.

Step 4 Continue around the cake!


petal icing 1petal icing 2petal icing 3


One Comment on “Petal Icing…”

  1. simple but effective, I like it!

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